P1 Academy Parish Launch

P.H.A.S.E 1 will be launching a basketball academy in all 14 Parishes within Jamaica on December 10, 2022. 

A P.H.A.S.E 1 basketball academy will be launched in each Parish within Jamaica on December 10th, 2022. This is in an attempt to bridge the gap between high schools and professional basketball and find talents across the island. Previously, there were a total of three P.H.A.S.E 1 basketball academies across the island. This is inclusive of locations in Montego Bay and Kingston. The first launch of this academy was in Montego Bay Jamaica in 2021. 

When launched, the basketball academies will be managed by P.H.A.S.E 1 basketball coaches. The locations and list of assigned coaches are as follows:

St. James, Herbert Morrison technical high School – Dave Black 

Westmoreland, Mannings High school – Rose-Andre Murphy

Hanover, Community Court – Cutta Allen

Trelawny, Holland High School – Ricardo Brooks 

Manchester, Community Court – O’Neil Watson

St. Elizabeth, St. Elizabeth Technical high school – Dainton Nobel

St. Ann, Buckfield – Lamar Dixon

St. Thomas, Paul Bogle High School – Daniel Pryce

St. Catherine, GC Foster College – Cleon Morgon

Kingston & St. Andrew, Standpipe – Antjuan McFarlane

Clarendon, Glenmuir High school – Dervol Abrahams 

St. Mary, Community Court – Brendon Dawkins

Portland, Community Court – Adeeb Vernon

The opportunity to attend these academies and gain skills and training within professional basketball is not only extended to males, but this opportunity is also open to females as well. Interested participants need to be between the ages of 11 – 17 years old.

On December 17th and 18th, all academies island-wide will meet at the GC Foster College in St Catherine to host a basketball academy tryout. These tryouts will last from 11 am up until 1 pm. The tryouts aim to find the best local junior players from the academies who will train together on a regular basis with the hopes to be introduced to the international scene as early as possible. 

Dave Black, professional basketball player and academy coach, commented, “May high schools around Jamaica do not have a basketball program and due to this a lot of students suffer. P.H.A.S.E 1 is trying to bridge that gap and reach all kids from all parishes so that everyone can participate in all year-round basketball programs.”

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