Wave Of New International And Local Players Set To Debut In The Elite 1 CBL Winter League

The Elite 1 Caribbean Professional Basketball League (E1CBL), a rapidly growing professional basketball league based in the Caribbean, is set to kick off its inaugural season this January. Since its last showing, the league has catapulted into the global spotlight, captivating the attention of a new wave of local and international, all of whom have been signed to the league and are awaiting their chance to make their mark on the court. 

The E1CBL was created with the goal of providing a professional platform for Caribbean basketball players to compete and develop their skills, and the heavy influx of new skilled, international players is one way it is accomplishing that objective. The league will feature teams from last year’s iteration of the league, and new players will be drafted by teams following a draft combine. 

One of the standout players who will be joining the E1CBL is NBA impersonator, Brandon Armstrong, known widely as ‘BDot’. He is a gifted basketball talent operating out of the point or shooting guard position. There are a number of other notable personalities waiting to hit the hardwood.

Below is the list of new international players coming to the E1CBL:

First Name Last name HeighPosCity Location

Ty Walker 7’0″ C USA

JR Kevin Cooper 6’8″ SF Canada

Brandon Tuggle 6’8″ SF USA

Dreland Tripplet 6’7″ SG USA

Matthew Mazique 6’6″ SF USA

Anthony Ottley 6’6″ SF Canada

Almond Brewer 6’5″ SF USA

Tyrell Leotaud 6’5″ SF Canada

Kemarlie McClean 6’5″ SF USA

Martin D xon-Green 6’5″ SG Canada

Assad Wood 6’4″ SG USA

Ricky Shuford 6’4″ SG USA

Tray Jefferson 6’4″ SG USA

Dane Smith 6’3” SG Canada

Cameron Burhanon 6’2″ SG USA

Rasheed Maynard 6’2″ PG Barbados

Trevor  Thompson 6’3″ PG USA

Bobby Gray 6’2″ PG USA

Nathan Akade 6’2″ PG USA

Jesiah Jones 6’2″ PG USA

Brandon Armstrong 6’1″ SG USA

Rachad Hall 6’0″ PG Barbados

Antwan Chandler 6’0″ SG USA

Now, a closer look at the local talents who will be joining us following the Elite 1 Caribbean Basketball League Jamaican training camp at the GC Foster College:

First Name Last Name Height Position Parish Location

Jordan Colquhoun 7′ 0″ C Manchester Jamaica

Nicholai Brown 6’11” C Manchester Jamaica

Keric Davis 6’11” C St. Catherine Jamaica

David Gordon 6’10” SF St. James Jamaica

Rushane O’Brian 6’10” PF Manchester Jamaica

O’wayne Lawrence 6’9 PF Westmorland Jamaica

Ackeem Nelson 6’9″ SF Manchester Jamaica

Roman Parkes 6’8″ PF Clarendon Jamaica

Fabion Sutherland 6’8 PF Kingston Jamaica

Adeeb Vernon 6’8″ PF Kingston Jamaica

Daunte Millis 6’8″ SG Clarendon Jamaica

David Thomas 6’8″ PF Kingston Jamaica

Lushane Wilson 6’7 SF St. Catherine Jamaica

Anthony White 6’7″ SF Kingston Jamaica

Maliek McCarthy 6’6″ SG Kingston Jamaica

Daniel Martillier 6’5″ SF Kingston Jamaica

Antjuan McFarlane 6’5″ SG Kingston Jamaica

Romareo Millis 6’5″ SF Clarendon Jamaica

Alex Levy 6’4″ SG St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Jordane Johnson 6’4″ SG Kingston Jamaica

Derjean Royal 6’4″ SG St. Catherine Jamaica

Kavouhn Lewars-Smith 6’1″ SG Kingston Jamaica

D’Andre Forbes 6’1″ PG Kingston Jamaica

Dave Black 6’0″ PG St. James Jamaica

Jermaine Brown 5’11” PG Kingston Jamaica

Alrich Morris 5’11” PG Kingston Jamaica

The combination of local and international players will add to an existing pool of championship-hungry players, with last season’s Summer League champions, Elite 1 Horizon, already having a target on their backs. As they look to extend their dominant run, the remaining three teams in the league, runner-up Elite 1 Storm, Elite 1 Rivers and Elite 1 Raves, will undoubtedly look to challenge and thwart their efforts. Given Elite 1 Recruiting and P.H.A.S.E 1. Academy’s stellar track record for scoping out and developing talent, this upcoming season will be one for the record books.

The highly competitive format will provide a great opportunity for players to showcase their skills to scouts and compete against some of the best players in the region.

The Winter league, which begins January 7, 2023 inside the National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica, will most certainly bring the heat.

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