Wave vs Rivers & Horizon vs Storm-Game Recap-January 7, 2023

Game 1 featured a showdown between Team Rivers and Team Waves. The first two quarters of the game saw the Rivers taking command of the game and controlled the temple while never trailing at all. However, team Waves threw a curveball in the third quarter by making a comeback and ended the quarter up by 10 points. In a nail biting 4th quarter, the Rivers and Waves were in a continuous back-to-back tug of war to see who would be the winners of the match. The Waves were victorious in the end, winning the first game of the season 100-92. 

The top scorer for the Rivers, Anthony Ottlley, who scored 41 points. 
The top scorer for the Waves, Cameron Burhannon, who scored 37 points.

Game 2 of the night featured a duel between Team Horizon and Team Storm. The tension for this match-up was set even from the warm ups as this game was a repeat of last season’s finale. However, despite the anticipated competition, team Horizon controlled the entire game. Team Horizon opened the first quarter with a 17-2  run and never trailing once, demonstrated that they we’re not playing any games at all. The final score of the game was Horizon 114 and Storm 62.

The top scorer for  the Horizon,  Summer MVP, Bobby Gray, with 22 points.
The top scorer of the Storm, “B-Dot” Armstrong, scored 11 points. 

The next game of the season, on Wednesday, January 11, will see the team Rivers & Storm in a match for the first game off the night and the victors, Horizon & Waves in the second game.

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