E1CBL Day 2 Game Recap – Storm vs Rivers & Waves vs Horizon

Game 1 of day 2 of the E1CBL winter league featured a playoff between the Storm and the Rivers. Both teams were coming into this duel as losers of their previous games and were in a battle to take the winning title of the game. The Storm took control of this match from the very beginning and flooded the Rivers with a ending score of 102 to 96 points.

The second game of the evening featured the victors of the last game in a playoff. The arena was left in shock when the Waves ended the first quarter with 35 points and the Horizon, who has never lost a championship, with 7 points. Despite the audience at the arena expecting the Horizon to lose this game, Bobby Gray & his mighty men made a powerful comeback and closed the gap every other quarter. At the end of this duel, The Horizons were the champions winning with 86-79 points.

The next game of the season was held on Saturday, January 14, and saw team Horizon and Storm in a match for the first game off the night and Storm & Waves in the second game.

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