Community Basketball Builder P.H.A.S.E.1 Launches Several Fundraisers

2009 P.H.A.S.E. 1 Fundraiser for Canada Basketball at the Shamba Space Downtown Toronto with alumni: (L-R) Ryan Cato, Antwi Antuahene, Jeffery Ferguson, Denham Brown, Wayne Dawkins, Kevin Francis, Jemino Sobers, Patrick Tatham, Eugene Kotorobai, Jon Clark, Chris Blackwood, Aaron Duncan, Mike Tuck, Silver Laku, Jevohn Shepherd, Tresor Kalambay, Tristan Martin, Evan Pellerin, Tyrone Mattison

In 2009, Canadian-based Non-Governmental Organisation P.H.A.S.E 1 Youth Association (P1YA) held its 9th annual tournament featuring a Shamba event fundraiser. The event raised over $3000 which was donated to Canada Basketball.

The fundraiser was held at the Shamba Space, located at 48 Yonge Street, Toronto. P1YA’s founder Wayne Dawkins was able to secure this location through his friend and mentor, Johnnie Williams.

And he decided that it would be a great opportunity to donate the funds raised to the Canada Basketball Foundation to assist in the continued effort of molding talented young athletes and contributing to community development.

P1YA has contributed significantly to Canadian Basketball over the years. It is the organizer of All Canada Classic, Canada’s longest running national high school All-Star Game from 2001-2012. The event, also known as the Rumble in the T-Dot showcased and nurtured the talent of young male and female Canadian basketball players. It boasts an alumnus of Top 30 boys and girls players that have appeared on NBA/WNBA rosters, hundreds of NCAA D1 players, hundreds of International Pros, over 50 Canadian Sr. National Team Members, and many of Canada’s only Male and Female Olympians in the 21st Century.

Wayne Dawkins speaks to CTV about his latest efforts.

P1YA continues to give back with a series of fundraisers aimed at financing local and international projects.

These include its effort to raise $75,000 to build the first covered basketball court in western Jamaica at the Herbert Morrison Technical School in Montego Bay, St. James, providing necessary resources for students and staff at the Dawkins Basic School (previously the Calabar Basic School) located in Calabar, Trelawny, Jamaica, developing Burundian basketball through its academy in Bujumbura, and the association’s Canadian based Scholarship fund-the Journey Awards Scholarship which was developed to assist student-athletes in need.

Herbert Morrison Technical School

While many schools in first world countries are fully equipped with the necessary sporting equipment and facilities, this is not the case for schools in third world developing countries such as Jamaica, and the Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay, St. James is a prime example.

The school’s Physical Teacher, Dave Black has been instrumental in using basketball to enhance the lives of youth in his community. However, the lack of resources and proper infrastructure makes this an uphill task. The condition of the basketball court is a huge hindrance to the growth of the players; it is outdoors, uncovered and made of concrete. This makes his over 80 basketball academy players ranging from ages 2 to 21 years-old very susceptible to injuries on the court, and games and training sessions are cut short whenever it rains. 

“The condition of the basketball court is a huge hindrance to the growth of the players; it is outdoors, uncovered and made of concrete.”

P1YA’s effort to build a covered basketball court for Herbert Morrison Technical High School will give youth the infrastructure needed so that they can train regardless of what the weather is like. The hope is that the improved infrastructure will inspire the youth to continue playing basketball on the island and the sport will provide opportunities for them, like it has for the youth of Jamaican descent in many other countries. Donate to this fundraiser by visiting the school’s website

Dawkins Basic School

P1YA founder Wayne Dawkins with students and teachers at Dawkins Basic school in Trelawney Jamaica

Similar to the Herbert Morrison Technical High School, the Dawkins’ Basic School suffers from a lack of resources.

Although there have been significant advances in education in Jamaica, the existing system continues to face severe short-comings. Underprivileged children in rural and poor urban areas particularly suffer from unequal access to quality education. Many of these children complete basic education without acquiring fundamental literacy and numeracy skills. Students leaving the school system without acquiring the basic skills that are expected by employers can be easily led to crime and violence.

“Underprivileged children in rural and poor urban areas particularly suffer from unequal access to quality education.”

Dawkins firmly believes that getting a good early childhood education has more influence on children’s overall development than their family background or gender. He says the urgency to improve the quality of education at the basic school level has never been greater. P1YA is seeking to equip staff and students with the necessary resources for teaching and learning.

Please visit the school’s website at to donate to this fundraiser.

P.H.A.S.E. 1 Burundian Academy

Burundian youth have a great passion for basketball, but the development of the sport in the country is hampered because of the lack of infrastructure. P.H.A.S.E 1 recently established an academy in the city of Bujumbura with an aim to provide the much needed resources such as coaches, courses, basketball court, and training equipment and expertise to the talented young players in the African country.

However, to continue to support and fund the academy, and develop the country’s basketball programme by extension, it needs your help. Click on this GoFundMe link to donate to this fundraiser.

Journey Awards Scholarship

Back in Canada on home soil, the P1YA, through the Journey Awards Scholarships grants $2,000 in Student Athlete Scholarship Money.

This scholarship was established to offer student-athletes who lead multifaceted lives with the required financial support and mentorship to directly impact their immediate goals and propel them towards greater success  

It is open to all student athletes enrolled in an accredited educational institute between the ages of 12-17-years-old who are pursuing academic and basketball goals beyond high school. In order to qualify, applicants must registered to an organized basketball team, league, house league or training program. Applicants and at least one parent or guardian must agree to mentorship from a P.H.A.S.E. 1 Alumni as a part of the application process. Student athletes from all regions of Canada are eligible, however priority is given to youth living in Canada’s lowest income neighborhoods (based on applicant postal code).

Those interested in making a donation may do so via P.H.A.S.E. 1 Youth Association’s website at

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